• Some Details To Start With

    All our Terms and Conditions can be found here. It includes booking details, deposit, payment, travel surcharges,  final numbers and cancellations.

    A deposit of $250 is needed to confirm your date.

    We require a sink to wash all our stainless steel trays we use on the night.

    All our food is made and prepared fresh that week by ourselves for your party.

    We cook the food off our trailer/portable kitchen at the function.

    Each food item is served separately on a tray to your guests while the next lot is being cooked and ready to served there after.

    We provide waiters to serve the food through out the night which is included in the price; if there are any delays in the pre organised start time penalties may apply.

    We provide all the boxes and forks for the meals at no extra charge.

    Ceramic plates and forks are available for the smorgasbord at an extra charge. (excludes banquet)

    Finger food is approximately one and half to two hours to serve all the meals depending on the option.

    We arrive one hour before the party starts, to set-up and prepare.

    You will need a smorgasbord table for the food.

    You will need platters for us to transfer the left over food onto when we leave.

    We collect and wash all our containers, dishes, and platters in your sink.

    We need cover to put the trailer underneath for wind, rain or sun.

    We need a power point at night for our lighting.

    Need to be told what time your guests are told to arrive and what time you would like us to start serving the food.

    There is an extra charge of $1 per person to cut and serve the cake.

    You should set up small bins around the area for people to throw away their napkins and sticks.

  • When do we need to know the menu?

    We need to know which menu you are having at the time of booking.

    You are able to change it if you have paid a deposit with us.


  • When do we need to know numbers?

    We need to know approximate numbers at the time of booking.

    Final numbers must be finalized 7 days prior to the event.

  • What time do the caterers arrive?

    We will arrive 1 hour before the food service time.

    At times earlier for larger parties and banquets.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit?

    Yes. $250 to be able to confirm your party date.

    We do not hold any temporary bookings.

  • When do I pay?

    Total payment is required prior to the event.

    Paying by Cheque, allow 7 working days prior to the event.

    Direct Debit, allow 3 days prior to the event.

    Cash on the day but must be advised.

    Credit cards are not accepted.

    Salt and Chilli Catering will not start service until final payment has been made.

  • How do I pay?

    We accept; cash, bank transfer and Cheque.

    Sorry we do not have any credit card facilities for the time being.

    More payment details can be found here.

  • What time should the food be served?

    Food should be served ½ hour – 1 hour after invitation time.

  • Do you supply serviettes?

    Yes only white.

    Other colours can be arranged if you speak with us.

  • How is the Finger Food served?

    The food is served by a waiter on silver trays; they will go around with each meal to all your guests and leave any left overs on the smorgasbord table.

  • How many waiters do we get?

    1 waiter per 60 guests.

  • Do you need washing facilities?

    Yes. Kitchen or laundry sink with bench space. We provide our own drainer, detergent and tea towels.

  • When can we do speeches?

    We advise to do speeches after all the food has been finished and served.
    If you would like a break between the food, there will be an extra charge to pay for the cook and waiting staff.
  • Do we need a kitchen?


    All our food is cooked on the woks on our mobile trailer.


  • Can I Make My Own Menu ?


    You can email us you’re own menu and we can send you a quote.


    You can tell us your budget and we can make a menu that suits your needs.