Christmas Party Catering Adelaide

Christmas Party Catering Adelaide

Due to covid restrictions, we will only be able to provide finger food catering services to your business as we can no longer take residential bookings.

Including Waiting Service & Cooked On-Site

Platters Cooked on Site or Delivered

Salt & Chilli Catering offers a wide variety of menus for Christmas party catering. Our exceptional service is relaxed and friendly. Our waiters are fully trained, professional, and experienced. Our food is of high quality – made and prepared freshly by ourselves for your individual party.

You are more than welcome to look at our other menus here or create your own menu which we can quote you on. Just give us a call or email and let us know what you would like or give us a budget and we can work out a menu for you.

You are able to use this menu for :

  • Christmas Party Catering
  • Luncheon Catering
  • Xmas Party
  • Office Lunch
  • Work Christmas Party
  • Staff Xmas Party
  • Finger Food Catering

Save money on alcohol by doing it yourself. Have us cater so you can mingle with your guests!

Dates Still Available In December 2021

All the food below will be cooked hot on-site with our mobile kitchen and our staff will have it all ready to eat from the smorgasbord table. If you would like to use a ceramic plate and stainless still fork; let us know and we can work out a price for you.

Current Xmas Party Catering Menus & Specials

Current Specials Here


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