Finger Food Catering Adelaide Options

Finger Food Catering Adelaide

Canapés are the perfect choice if you want your guests to be able to move around and mingle whilst enjoying delicious bite-sized gourmet delights. All the cocktail food catering menu items are homemade by us!

All these menus include a waiter to serve the food so you can enjoy the party and look after your guests.

Due to covid restrictions in Adelaide, South Australia. We are only able to provide finger food catering services as smorgasbord tables are not allowed.

Finger Food Catering Menu’s Including Waiters

Finger Food – 4 & 6 Items – $26 & $32

Finger Food – 9 Items – $41

Italian Finger Food – $44

Gold Menu, Platters, Wok Box & Finger Food Items $60

Budget Finger Food Special $22

Seasonal Specials

Finger Food Platters


We advise all our customers to have our waiters because the party runs smoothly with less stress so you can look after your guests.

Salt & Chilli have been serving delicious appetisers at Adelaide events for over twenty years, and we’ve refined our menu based on the feedback of thousands of satisfied diners. The result is over fifty tasty, nutritious and easy to eat appetisers. Choose from our five suggested menu combinations, or customise your own from our complete list. For something different, consider our wok boxes – mini serves of full-sized Asian dishes, presented in fun portable takeaway boxes.



Cooked On-Site Mobile Finger Food Catering

Finger Food Catering Spring Rolls

Our fresh, home-made finger food is cooked on-site with our mobile trailer and includes both waiters and napkins. We take pride in providing a high-quality finger food catering service, and therefore cook items as we serve them, meaning all food is fresh and hot. We have added budget menus for more variety of pricing.

With our finger food platters, catering for Adelaide events has never been easier. If you would like more information regarding our menus or would like to book us in, feel free to give us a call today on (08) 8263 1520. Finger Food Catering Adelaide.

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