Chicken Satay

Finger Food – Home Made – Service Included

9 Items – $35.00 pp


The Menu Includes:
Cooked On Site
Waiters To Serve : Service Time : 1.5 – 2 hours
Service Napkins
Food Served To Guests Standing
30 people minimum
Pick this menu with more variety and your guests will not leave hungry.



Chicken Spring Roll

sweet & sour

Vegetable Spring Roll (v)

sweet & sour

Pork Spring Roll

sweet & sour

Chicken Satay Stick

peanut satay sauce

Beef Satay Stick

peanut satay sauce

Pork Stick

sweet & sour sauce

Salt & Pepper Squid

coriander & lemon wedges

Crumbed Prawn

tar tar sauce

Lemon Chicken Stick

lemon sauce & sliced lemon

Italian Meat Balls

napolitana sauce

Dim Sim

pork, beef & vegetable mix

Steamed Vegetable Dumpling
sweet & sour
Steamed Chicken Dumpling
sweet & sour

Lemon & Pepper Fish

tar tar sauce

Potato Wedges (v)

sweet chilli sauce & sour cream

Vegetarian Arancini Balls (v)

pesto & parmisan

Zucchini Stick (v)



Sushi Roll Slice (v)


Cold Rolls (g)(v)

half vegetable & half chicken

Prosciutto & Salami Bread Sticks

 mixed platter

Bruschetta (v)

 tomato, basil & olive oil on freshly sliced bread

Catering  Extras
Served To Smorgasbord Table
$110 – Vegetarian Antipasto Platter (20 serves)
$35 – 15 Frittata Potato & Zuchini (gluten free vegetarian)
$30 – 15 Extra Spring Rolls
$30 – 15 Extra Satay Sticks
$30 – 50 Fortune Cookies
$55 – 15 Chicken Drummettes with Mayo Sauce
All our food is home-made by us!

Waiting Service Included

If you require a longer service time, let us know and we can give you a quote depending on the amount of staff required for your event.

Each item is cooked then served one after one another not all at the same time.


*any menu changes will incur a $1 surcharge pp
(g) gluten free (v) vegetarian
please advise of any speech delays or charges will apply
Prices are subject to change
Apr 2017 Menu


Terms & Conditions Summary

Full details can be found here.


  • A deposit of $250.00 is required to confirm all bookings. Payment must be made within (7) days from date of invoice to secure booking. Deposit Form
  • Payment of deposit agrees to full terms and conditions.
  • Menu must  be decided at time of booking.

Final Confirmation of Event

  • Menu details to be finalised (21) days prior to event.
  • Confirmed number of guests (7) days prior. This number will be charged as the minimum as per initial booking and is not subject to reduction.

Payment Details

  • Total payment of balance is required (5) days in advance of event.

Service Times

  • Guest arrival time and waiter service time is to be confirmed at confirmation of the event.
  • Speech and cake times must be advised before event.
  • All food must be served before any speeches or cutting of the cake unless arranged prior to the event.
  • If waiting staff are delayed by speeches a surcharge will be applied.

Cocktail Machine & Table Hire

  • If the cocktail machine or bar tables are required to be picked up at the venue on the same night a surcharge will apply.

Full Wedding Terms & Conditions Here

  • If we are required to set up our kitchen earlier than normal.
  • Wedding location / distance.
  • Menu is to be served over a longer range of time requiring extra staff hours.
  • Arrange for speeches / cake cutting in between menu service requiring a set delay.